A downloadable game for Windows

-Change Clothes (Menu is "I")
-Explore the Map, there's a small City, and two modern houses.
-Try out animations: (Press Z, X, C, and V to twerk, do sexy dances, and masturbate)
-Money and "Allure/Lust" System. Find money around your house (F to pickup), and spend it on clothing and sex toys at the shop.
-Nightclub, check out the club and buy drinks (coming soon), dance, and flirt with sexy people.
-NPC Interaction: Mary Beth, Dan the Cop, Shopkeeper, Bartender, Succubus, and more coming soon!
-Day & Night Cycle

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Plans for this game:

Sex (Of course)

Different characters

Interactions and story building

City & Exploration


& Much more!

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ag-0.1.1.zip 638 MB


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Once the game is complete will it have a price or will it still be free?

I like what you have so far. :D

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odd it won't download

like can u plz make a mac download?:)

Mac download


this is fucking- just. weird.

why's that?



not implemented yet, sorry for the inconvenience! Stay tuned, it will be added in the next few updates

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The link to follow your Patreon isn't working.